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This is a custom tour and requires you to telephone our office so we can create the tour reservation on our event schedule. The tour goes out at 9AM and 1PM as part of the Extreme Tour, yet you will only do the first four zips. If you want to be included on any particular date, please call or e-mail our office to make custom arrangements.
Zip 1 into our Grandpa Tree 350'
Zip 2 exits from Grandpa Tree at about 60′ high off the ground 650'
Zip 3 zips over a hidden ravine in the canyon area 550'
Zip 4 is long with speeds calculated to over 50 mph 2000'

Zips 1-4 PLUS
Zip 5 Across Canyon 1800'
Another suspension bridge with increased challenge level 125'
Zip 6 Back from Far Ridge Approx. HALF MILE